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Pio Pico


A view of the first RV resort thst we will be staying at.

A couple days ago we bought our membership to the RV Resort that we wild be staying in called Thousand Trails. We got the upgraded membership which allows us to stay at any of the resorts for up to 3 weeks at a time without paying a monthly fee or any fees for electricity or water. The downside is we will be moving every 3 weeks, but the upside is that we will be saving tons of money. To pay for a monthly spot, it would cost $750 a month.

The RV resort is very family oriented. They have a mini golf course, a community center, pools, hot tub, laundry, lounge, playground, and different monthly activities. There is also security so it is a very safe area. There are a lot of people with kids and that do the same thing that we will be doing. Here in San Diego County, there are two different RV resorts through Thousand Trails, so we won’t have to travel far between the two. I think I will enjoy the change.

Pio Pico is the name of the first RV resort thst we will be staying at  we already reserved our stay starting February 14th. That will be our Valentine’s Day – settling in to our new home. Since we are new members, we get 2 free weeks, so we will be able to stay at that resort for 5 weeks straight which will give us plenty of time to settle in.

All of this seems great, right? Except that we feel like we are no where close to being ready! Our house is still a mess and we have many belongings left that we need to sort and purge. We don’t even have the trailer yet! Today we are going to be renting a storage unit and moving things that we are keeping there. Hopefully that will help us feel more optimistic.

Buy Our Stuff (pleaaaaase)


It is harder to sell of your belongings than you think. We’ve sold many already but still have a lot of things hanging around. Sometimes, it is just people being flaky. I cannot tell you how many have said that they would pick up something and never do. Some items are free and others are for a very low price. We aren’t out to make money selling these things, although that is nice. We just need less stuff! 

We’ve already sold our couch, kitchen table, and couple shelves. We sold kitchen items that we barely used and I gave away some baby things. We’re currently eating off of a card table with folding chairs and sitting on my husband’s crappy “man-cave” couch. I think the next big things that we plan on doing is going through my son’s toys and also all of our clothes.

Like many (hopefully, so we aren’t alone) people, we don’t always put away our clean laundry. It either stays in the laundry room or just makes it upstairs in the laundry basket, never to see a drawer or hanger. So, I told my husband, whatever is hung up in the closet should be sold or donated. Clearly those are clothing items that we do not use. Of course, we would keep our dress clothes (funeral, wedding, etc) and maybe some winter clothes for when we visit colder areas, but for the most part, we could toss almost everything in the closet.

I planned on hanging on to many things just in case, but no more. If we need more items for those rare happenings, then we will just budget for them and buy them. It’s so overwhelming sitting in our home and seeing all of the things that just won’t fit. I walk into our garage and see box after box of things that we may need at some point, but never do. Or items we plan on fixing. There is just so much that we do not use enough to keep around and I cannot wait to have it gone.

We need to try harder, I guess, to sell our stuff. Should we just advertise better for our yard sales? List things one by one on Craigslist?  It is very time consuming to list items on the many Facebook buy and sell pages and also keep up with the comments and messages. It happens to be incredibly exhausting while trying to keep your household running and taking care of your kids. I couldn’t keep track of the many people dropping by to buy things and couldn’t keep track of who said they did want to buy somwthing. I only sold a few items at our yard sale and only made $30. We don’t live in an area that has a lot of people that frequent our street, and I only advertised on 3 sites. I suppose next time we will hang up signs and post on more sites.

26 days.

26 days until we have to be completely out of housing. We live in military housing and are renting a townhouse that has approximately 1200 Sq ft plus storage in our garage. We have a lot of stuff. Sometimes, I feel like 26 days just isn’t enpugh. either way, we really need to start trying harder to purge.