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Smoky Rocky


I’ve never been a good cook. I won’t ever pretend that. My parents made everything for me and never taught me how to make anything. I was also very, very picky. When I got married, I was just thrown into being a homemaker. My parents never had me do regular chores, either, so I wasn’t good at those…but let’s save that for another time. As the years of being married have gone by (6.5 years), I certainly have improved with the meals I can cook. After I had my son nearly 4 years ago, I started cooking healthier meals (graduated up from using hamburger helper) and trying new things (I finally ate an actual orange), so my meals started to drastically improve from that point. Aside from the improvemsnts, I am still not am impressive cook, but at least I was comfortable with my abilities.

At the house before the trailer, I would cook regularly and I started to use a cast iron skillet. I used Teflon coated pots and pans, but I really wanted to stop using them. I also had some stainless steel ones that I would use, as well. I had a food processor, a standing mixer, rice cooker, blender, crock pot, and I’m sure a couple other appliances. On Rocky, we brought the rice cooker. All other appliances were sold or went into storage. We bought a convection oven to use instead of the oven built in oven because we didn’t want to eat up all of our propane with cooking. I also brought only the stainless steel pots and pans and two cast iron skillets to rid our household of nasty Teflon. Yay for living an even more chemical-free life!

Except now I feel like I have suddenly gotten ten times worse with cooking. Maybe it is the cast iron skillet or the propane stove that is challenging to adjust, but I now set the smoke detector off multiple times a week. Of course I turn the range hood fan, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. So Rocky gets very…smoky and then the RV gets very noisy. We have to open some windows and the door to try and air out the RV. It’s very frustrating and discouraging. I find myself dreading the use of the range. I want to switch back to non-stick so stuff doesn’t stick and then maybe I will also not have the smoke detector going off. The flame on the range doesn’t really seem to adjust well, either, so I haven’t been able to pinpoint where the problem is coming from.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated with cast iron cooking and RV propane range cooking, too. I know my meals normally aren’t this bad. Something needs to be done! I’ve stopped cooking breakfast and have started eating cereal or muffins instead of eggs and bacon. If you are my friend on facebook, you are then very aware of my love for bacon, so this is very upsetting. Please help!!!


The First 2 weeks


My apologies for slacking with a new post. I’ll do my best at playing catch-up.
So, I went to the office the next morning (after my last post) and we were able to get a spot for crossover. I had no idea what kind of spot I was getting since I wasn’t familiar with the resort. I was just excited to get a spot on the nicer side since there were so many people waiting for one.

When I went back to the RV and told my husband that we got a spot, we packed up our rig and got it attached to his truck. I drove over to the spot first and parked. My job is to direct him into the spot. This spot was more challenging than the last spot not only because it was smaller, but also because it was not a pull-through spot. This was my husband’s first time backing into a apot, which is a bit more challenging than you would think. His first attempt was done at the completely wrong angle, so he had to pull it out and try again. The spot was so shallow that the end of our rig was basically up against a dirt mound. His second try was much more successful, but still a tight squeeze with a 34 foot rig. It was also very uneven and we had to use leveling blocks, which were a bit of a pain to use. After we got the rig in place, we popped out the sides, which one barely missed the electrical box, and settled back in.

Whilst settling in, we discovered that the wifi wasn’t working. So, we moved to a tiny spot with no room, no cell phone signal, no wifi, and no TV reception. Awesome. It was a bit of a shock to just dive right in and be almost completely off the grid. I felt so disconnected from everyone because we had to drive out of the area or hike a little bit up a hill to get good reception. However, after a couple days of that, I had adjusted and it wasn’t as bad. I really wanted my husband home, though, so I wouldn’t feel so alone.

Last weekend, after a week of living in the RV, my husband came home from golfing with a dog. That’s right, he agreed to foster a dog from a rescue to see if she would be a good fit after we had only been living in a completely different way for only 1 week. Uh…thanks? While I was less than estatic, the kids were over the moon. At least now I knew why he was taking so long golfing since I started paying close attention to hours he was away while I was trying to adjust.


Sweet Ana relaxing in the back of our car

My husband brought home a husky mix. She is a sweetheart that loves to give kisses and get her belly rubbed. She is great with the kids, but not so great with peeing. The first few days, she had a very shy bladder. She wouldn’t go pee or poop outside while on walks!  It was very frustrating. Clearly, we do not have a back yard, but we go on a lot of walks to get out of the house and break up the monotony. At the beginning, I would spend a couple hours outside and she wouldn’t go. She ended up having an accident on our carpet. It was challenging to bring her with me as I went about my normal life of playdates and such out in town. I didn’t want to leave her alone in the RV. She went everywhere with us at first. She only started doing better these past couple of days. We decided to foster her another week before making the decision to adopt. It’s looking like we might keep her now that she is going normally. She sleeps on the ground and doesn’t jump on the furniture. She is so loving. My daughter was crying and she came out to check on her and give her kisses.

We had a bit of a storm not too long ago. It was a learning experience for us. The strong gusts of wind were shaking our RV because they were catching on our awning. When my husband opened the door, our awning was being bent by the wind. He had to pull it down while I retracted it so no damage would be made. The storm also soaked my jogging stroller and blew away our trash can. I thought the storm had messed with the wifi boosters and made them work, but it was actually being fixed my someone contracted through Thousand Trails to do IT work at their resorts. Bless his heart for working on it in the rain late at night! It was great to get working wifi again.

As we became more familiar with the RV resort with our walks, we really realized how awful our current spot was and we started to covet other peoples’ spots. We saw some with ample room for parking and others surrounded by grass. I always had to close the door to pee (haha) if our door was open because people could see right in. While we could see up a hill, where we once saw 3 deer in the distance, the view still wasn’t anything spectacular. We ended up talking with an employee and found out that we could switch to a different spot in the resort if we wanted to. Such a relief! The only downside is that we would have to, obviously, pack up the rig and move everything to a new spot, which is what we did today.

My next post will be more about the people here on the new side and moving to our new spot. I hope that you will continue keeping up with my blog! Enjoy my picture dump. I may end up doing a Wordless Wednesday to share my random pictures.



View from the hill we hiked to get reception


Babywearing happens a lot around here




Enjoying the toddler play area


Fun in the laundry room


Babywearing hikes with Ana



Pio Pico


A view of the first RV resort thst we will be staying at.

A couple days ago we bought our membership to the RV Resort that we wild be staying in called Thousand Trails. We got the upgraded membership which allows us to stay at any of the resorts for up to 3 weeks at a time without paying a monthly fee or any fees for electricity or water. The downside is we will be moving every 3 weeks, but the upside is that we will be saving tons of money. To pay for a monthly spot, it would cost $750 a month.

The RV resort is very family oriented. They have a mini golf course, a community center, pools, hot tub, laundry, lounge, playground, and different monthly activities. There is also security so it is a very safe area. There are a lot of people with kids and that do the same thing that we will be doing. Here in San Diego County, there are two different RV resorts through Thousand Trails, so we won’t have to travel far between the two. I think I will enjoy the change.

Pio Pico is the name of the first RV resort thst we will be staying at  we already reserved our stay starting February 14th. That will be our Valentine’s Day – settling in to our new home. Since we are new members, we get 2 free weeks, so we will be able to stay at that resort for 5 weeks straight which will give us plenty of time to settle in.

All of this seems great, right? Except that we feel like we are no where close to being ready! Our house is still a mess and we have many belongings left that we need to sort and purge. We don’t even have the trailer yet! Today we are going to be renting a storage unit and moving things that we are keeping there. Hopefully that will help us feel more optimistic.

Getting to know Rocky


Last weekend was the orientation for our trailer. I’m so glad that the dealership that we bought the trailer from does this because I have no idea how to use an RV trailer. I’ve stayed in one once and that was it. Basicslly, the orientation is us learning how to use the RV.

For the most part, it is pretty simple. Press a button here or push a switch there. Loosen the arms on the awning before retracting it. Flip the switch for the hot water heater 15 minutes before using hot water. Light the pilot light in the oven to use the oven. Always lock all doors and cupboards before moving. If you run out of power, here are the spots to use the crank to lower the stabilizers and to pop out the slide outs. Simple. Self explainitory. Then on to “black” and “gray”. Uhh…what??

For those that are unaware, “black” is the tank that holds urine and feces while “gray” is the tank that holds water from the sinks and shower.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just hooking your RV up to the sewers and it just going down. I wish! There isn’t water just sitting within your toilet bowl on the RV like there is within your home. I think it is comparable to an airplane toilet. So, you go, then you put your foot on the peddle to fill it with water, flush, and then hold it for 4 seconds so there is more water than waste. I can do that. That isn’t the hard part. The hard part is…oh no…I already forgot. I just remember the warning, if you do this incorrectly, there will be a poop fountain when you try to empty your tank. Um, ok. Got it.

Except I have no clue. We will have to go over that again when we get the trailer. I’ll probably have to watch my husband do it several times before I feel confident enough to do it on my own. I’m one of those people that really needs to see it being done before I can learn myself. There is flushing of water and pulling a know to empty one but being sure to close it before pulling to empty the other. It is just a tad overwhelming.

Other than the toilet going horribly wrong and creating a war zone in the bathroom, things seem easy. Normal, for the most part. Maybe once Rocky is actually in our posession it will seem easier to understand it all. I’m sure that we will eventually be best buds. If I treat him right, he will treat us right.

Buy Our Stuff (pleaaaaase)


It is harder to sell of your belongings than you think. We’ve sold many already but still have a lot of things hanging around. Sometimes, it is just people being flaky. I cannot tell you how many have said that they would pick up something and never do. Some items are free and others are for a very low price. We aren’t out to make money selling these things, although that is nice. We just need less stuff! 

We’ve already sold our couch, kitchen table, and couple shelves. We sold kitchen items that we barely used and I gave away some baby things. We’re currently eating off of a card table with folding chairs and sitting on my husband’s crappy “man-cave” couch. I think the next big things that we plan on doing is going through my son’s toys and also all of our clothes.

Like many (hopefully, so we aren’t alone) people, we don’t always put away our clean laundry. It either stays in the laundry room or just makes it upstairs in the laundry basket, never to see a drawer or hanger. So, I told my husband, whatever is hung up in the closet should be sold or donated. Clearly those are clothing items that we do not use. Of course, we would keep our dress clothes (funeral, wedding, etc) and maybe some winter clothes for when we visit colder areas, but for the most part, we could toss almost everything in the closet.

I planned on hanging on to many things just in case, but no more. If we need more items for those rare happenings, then we will just budget for them and buy them. It’s so overwhelming sitting in our home and seeing all of the things that just won’t fit. I walk into our garage and see box after box of things that we may need at some point, but never do. Or items we plan on fixing. There is just so much that we do not use enough to keep around and I cannot wait to have it gone.

We need to try harder, I guess, to sell our stuff. Should we just advertise better for our yard sales? List things one by one on Craigslist?  It is very time consuming to list items on the many Facebook buy and sell pages and also keep up with the comments and messages. It happens to be incredibly exhausting while trying to keep your household running and taking care of your kids. I couldn’t keep track of the many people dropping by to buy things and couldn’t keep track of who said they did want to buy somwthing. I only sold a few items at our yard sale and only made $30. We don’t live in an area that has a lot of people that frequent our street, and I only advertised on 3 sites. I suppose next time we will hang up signs and post on more sites.

26 days.

26 days until we have to be completely out of housing. We live in military housing and are renting a townhouse that has approximately 1200 Sq ft plus storage in our garage. We have a lot of stuff. Sometimes, I feel like 26 days just isn’t enpugh. either way, we really need to start trying harder to purge.

Rocky the RV


Yesterday, we went to the RV dealership to try and get our dream trailer for good price. Our dream trailer is a 2014 Rockwood that was just put of the price range that we wanted, but we just really love that layout and had not found anything comparable. So, we tried one more time to haggle and get a lower price, but they wouldn’t budge. My husband and I decided that we needed that extra living space which is why we decided to go with that one trailer, which is a relief since we would have needed to travel further to find a good RV.

Let me introduce to you to Rocky:


Large living space that has an electric fire place and a pop-up tv

Electric is a perk since then we won’t have to use up all of our propane for heating.


Sofa pulls out into a bed. It isn't the softest, so I will most likely be buying some comfy pillows

Both kids will be sleeping with us, so this can be for guests or for if our son wants some space as he gets older. I really hope I can find some comfy alternatives for the couch. It’s a little stiff.


This is the feature that convinced my husband.

My husband was still on the fence when touring RVs until he saw this layout. He loves the idea of so much floor space because of the two slide outs here, and also having a recliner. Everyone needs a recliner.


Clearly, there is a lot of room in the living area.


Lots of drawers and extendable counter


Microwave and two cabinets

At first, I thought, lots of storage!, but no…there isn’t. I guess when you are looking at so many trailers, though, that two cupboards seems spacious. It’s all relative.


We love that the chairs can be moved instead of a bench

We will be using a booster for our youngest and it will be nice to be able to pull the chairs in the kitchen for the kids to stand on and help out with things.


Small sink and medicine cabinet

We really don’t spend that much room in the bathroom. It will be an adjustment to only have one toilet.


We wish we had a tub

I keep on trying to think of ways to get a tub for the kids to have a bath, but there really isn’t a way. You give and take when you minimize.


TV mounted to the wall, wardrobe


Queen sized bed with side tables


Our roomy wardrobe with drawers

We plan on limiting the amount of clothes we bring, which really won’t be too hard for us since neither one of us are big into fashion. It might be s little challenging with the kids, but we will manage.

Now that we have our trailer, our next step is to limit our belongings. We will be getting a storage unit, but we still don’t want to be wagging around a lot of things that we don’t use. Once our debt is paid off, we will save money to buy nice, new furniture…after we get a house, of course. We’ve already sold our couch and kitchen table plus a couple shelves. We are also giving away a lot of things, too.

Our issue, as a couple, is that we are terribly lazy. Really. It’s a disease. We need to get up and just do it. We have tons of toys and clothes to sort through. I don’t feel like the difficult part will be letting go of our belongings, but actually sorting through all of the junk. So. Much. Stuff.

Baby Steps


We called the bank that we have insurance through and discussed getting a loan for a recreational vehicle through them, and we were approved. Now that we are approved,  we need to start finding an rv trailer. We’ve already done looking and have a really good idea with the kind that we like, but now we have to find it in our price range. We plan to do some rv hunting this weekend. Unfortunately, we have a certain time frame that this loan is good for, so we need to find a trailer by the 27th of February.

With less stress over the trailer, except for the obvious of finding one, we have time to focus on purging our belongings. At first I was able to sell about $200 worth of stuff, but we seem to have lost some steam. It’s difficult to focus on organizing and declittering while also trying to keep the home running smoothly, not to mention both my husband and daughter are currently sick.

An RV dealership we visited once already is having a clearance sale and we are hoping to get our dream trailer for a great price. If not, we may be taking a short road trip up north to do some more browsing.

Fingers crossed we come back with a trailer!! I think if we do that that will definitely be a great motivator to finishing pursing our belongings. It is such a liberating feeling to purge belongings.