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Pio Pico People


We stayed at Pio Pico for 5 weeks total and we really enjoyed it. We were away from the city and in a lovely community. Honestly, the community of full-time RV living families there are older retired couples. There are younger ones, of course, but the people we saw most often there were older and retired. We really got along with the people that we have stopped to chat with.

One couple in particular was very friendly and helpful. Joyce, Warren, and their dog Noel. Joyce immediately fell in love with our dog, Ana, and was talking to us because of her. While we were there, the family caught the stomach flu and Joyce came to our RV every morning for 6 days to walk Ana in the morning so that I wouldn’t have to both with both kids and a dog while ill. That was such a tremendous help!

We did meet a couple that was a little closer to our age and they also had two younger daughters. Unfortunately, they do a lot of traveling and we’re there for just the night. Since we are a military family, we have become experts and quickly becoming friendly with people, so we stayed late st their RV, had some beers, and watched the kids play together. I ended up talking about home births (the woman had 2 home births in Canada!!) and breastfeeding (of course). It was a nice little visit even though it wouldn’t happen again.

It’s not that many of the people are trashy, but they definitely have moments of lacking class, although I don’t know what I was expecting. On a couple of mornings when my husband played golf, I took the kids to the Coyote Canyon Cafe to get breakfast. Both times while I was there, I saw people bring in their own cans of cheap beer. I mean, at least make it a craft beer.

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten outside furniture or an enclosure (for the kids) yet, so we haven’t spent tons of time outside of the RV. The times where we did spend more time outside while grilling, we did have some people stop by chat with us. We’ve met a lot of military people and people escaping from states like South Dakota. Everyone says ‘hi’ to each other and comments on our cute dog and cute kids. There was even a chili cook off and hot rod show there. I love the small community feeling! I trust this community more than I trusted the military housing community that we lived in before. I can even leave some belongings out front without the fear of it getting stolen.

Not only are the people in Pio Pico so friendly and kind, but the area is incredibly lovely. Pio Pico is in the unincorporated community called Jamul. It is just outside of San Diego City, so you get more nature and less sounds. We love escaping the city to be in such a peaceful area. There’s even a nice little trail deeper into the valley that Pio Pico in tucked into that has lots of great fields that would make for a perfect family photo opportunity.

Unfortunately we aren’t paying the extra money to rent a spot on a monthly basis, so we can only stay there for up to 3 weeks at a time. However, we can return after being off the resort for a week.

We’ve been staying at a campground in Bonita, which is another unincorporated community in San Diego, at a small daily fee, which is where we are currently staying.

Next blog post I will write about staying in Sweetwater. Do you feel like the area you live in has a nice community? If you could, would you like to be able to pick up and leave somewhere, with your home, to go to a better community? Do you think we will have the same opinion about Sweetwater?


Getting to know Rocky


Last weekend was the orientation for our trailer. I’m so glad that the dealership that we bought the trailer from does this because I have no idea how to use an RV trailer. I’ve stayed in one once and that was it. Basicslly, the orientation is us learning how to use the RV.

For the most part, it is pretty simple. Press a button here or push a switch there. Loosen the arms on the awning before retracting it. Flip the switch for the hot water heater 15 minutes before using hot water. Light the pilot light in the oven to use the oven. Always lock all doors and cupboards before moving. If you run out of power, here are the spots to use the crank to lower the stabilizers and to pop out the slide outs. Simple. Self explainitory. Then on to “black” and “gray”. Uhh…what??

For those that are unaware, “black” is the tank that holds urine and feces while “gray” is the tank that holds water from the sinks and shower.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just hooking your RV up to the sewers and it just going down. I wish! There isn’t water just sitting within your toilet bowl on the RV like there is within your home. I think it is comparable to an airplane toilet. So, you go, then you put your foot on the peddle to fill it with water, flush, and then hold it for 4 seconds so there is more water than waste. I can do that. That isn’t the hard part. The hard part is…oh no…I already forgot. I just remember the warning, if you do this incorrectly, there will be a poop fountain when you try to empty your tank. Um, ok. Got it.

Except I have no clue. We will have to go over that again when we get the trailer. I’ll probably have to watch my husband do it several times before I feel confident enough to do it on my own. I’m one of those people that really needs to see it being done before I can learn myself. There is flushing of water and pulling a know to empty one but being sure to close it before pulling to empty the other. It is just a tad overwhelming.

Other than the toilet going horribly wrong and creating a war zone in the bathroom, things seem easy. Normal, for the most part. Maybe once Rocky is actually in our posession it will seem easier to understand it all. I’m sure that we will eventually be best buds. If I treat him right, he will treat us right.